Toy Bricks at The Rock Flat at White River

toy blocks at the rock flat white river.

These Lego Bricks were made for the Indy Art and Seek project. A reminder that when we build, it should always be a creative and colorful endeavor.

Art Restoration at Madam Walker Legacy Center

5 (2).jpg

I enjoyed my time assisting with the ceiling art restoration at The Madam Walker Theater and soaking up all of the artistry that originally went into its conception. Next time you're in the building, please take a moment and admire all of the intricate work put into making the theater as special of a place as the woman who built it. For process photos CLICK HERE

Art & Seek - Haughville Butterflies


I’ve painted an assortment of black and white butterflies along the east pathway of IPS Wendell Phillips School 63, and with help from the students, they’ve added their own painting to them. On the west side of the school, in full Art and Seek fashion, I’ve painted more than 12 hydrophobic butterflies hidden along the sidewalks. These hidden butterflies can be located simply by wetting the ground to reveal their locations. Bring some water and happy hunting! View the video here...

Artwork at the Wein Museum in Vienna Austria



Wein Museum SSOSVA Paste Up Exhibition / Take Over. Artwork will be on exhibition until September 2020 in Vienna Austria

Indiana Cannabis Awards 2019 - Most Influential Cannabis Artist



Voted Indiana Cannabis Awards 2019 Most Influential Cannabis Artist. Big thanks to all who voted!

Nominated for Best Visual Artist via NUVO's Best Of Indy 2018!



Honorable Mention for Best Local Visual Artist via NUVO's Best Of Indy 2018. Thank you to those who voted!

Nominated for Best Visual Artist in Indy Star's Best Things Indianapolis 2018!



Congratulations to this years nominees!

Mural appears in Indy Politics: Court Takes Cannabis Out Of Church



New article from IndyPolitics.Org featuring my mural work at The First Church of Cannabis. Unfortunately, it's not the ruling we wanted. The church plans to appeal the judgment.

A great night with Smile Empty Soul at The Rock 985 Lounge!


Big thanks to everyone who came out to the Smile Empty Soul show at The Rock 985 Lounge. I had a great time painting the rarities guitar and presenting it to a local veteran before Smile Empty Soul took stage. While the bands performed, I painted this of Sean Danielsen 

Smile Empty Soul - Rarities painted guitar signed by the band and given to a veteran.


Rarities Guitar I made for Heroes Meeting Heroes and The Rock 985 Lounge autographed by Smile Empty Soul, given to a veteran the night of the concert. Big thanks to all who participated!

Winner of Nuvo's Best Of Indy Award 2017 - Best Visual 3D Artist


I have been voted  NUVOs  Best Local Visual 3D Artist. Thank you to Nuvo and to all who voted!

Download print issue here

A collection of hand-cast, hand painted, and custom printed collectibles from cs stanley.

Follow us on Facebook at!

BTD Presents: London's Calling - March 31st

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
The Troops of the BTD would like to invite you to join us for a visual 
extravaganza from International artists. 

Cover page for the Shelbyville News

Cover story write-up in The Shelbyville News! interview with gallery owner highlighting my recent gallery rebrand and murals.

Installations and murals in store for Shelbyville Gallery

I've finished the interior design for Shelbyville's art gallery, including this fun splatter wall!

Mural appears in Weediquette on VICELAND...

A special shout out to the team at VICE for including The First Church of Cannabis mural in their season finale of WEEDIQUETTE!

Watch the clip here. Episode: God On High

airing date: Wednesday, Oct. 26th on VICELAND.

I made the list for Graffiti Genius.

Big thanks to for including me in their list.

Update: Swept Away Art Expo at Delta 9 Tattoo

I want to thank my friends at Delta 9 Tattoo Company;  Big props to Fountain Square U.S.A. and Hempster with their limited edition tees for the event. And last but not least, special thanks to everyone who left with a new tattoo of one of my designs.

Hazy Days Music & Art Festival @ The Tropicana!

Just announced from the Hazy Days Music & Arts Festival 'Project Tropicana' Team...

8th, 9th, & 10th of July at The Tropicana on the seafront home to last years Banksy 'Dismaland' exhibition.

Swept Away: Art Exhibition at Delta 9 Tattoo - June 3rd!

I've returned to Delta 9 Tattoo Company to paint some more. This time it's an entire renovation. The floor and walls are covered in random pieces of works that I've produced over the last five years. Some stencils will retire here and never be used again. So if you want one of the best tattoos in Indianapolis and want to check out the largest collection of my art ever to be held in one spot. Certain pieces of mine will be available as a tattoo for under 30 dollars and we'll have special guest Bill Levin from the First Church Of Cannabis!

Thank you USA TODAY for yet another article with my church artwork and mention.


Stephen Colbert Gets All Up In Your Faith. Church artwork and logo on Late Show!

My First Church Of Cannabis logo appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert!


Sanctuary & banner logo design by CS Stanley.


Video Here

In the September 2015 issue of NUVO...

Feature: The 'Merica art campaign is throwing apathy in your face 

A local art campaign is turning stereotypical Americana on its head

Nuvo Link

Art Killing Apathy Presents:

Rooftop Revolutionaries  Eleanor Goldfield will be performing an acoustic set at FachaPatoto in Los Angeles. LEE CAMP will also be doing an inflammatory comedy set and there will be spoken word performances from Matt Sedillo and Joey Flores. 

Political art provided by Art With Teeth. Featuring CS StanleyHal HefnerAnthony Freda StudioArt by Abby MartinErnesto Yerena, and Keef Ward

The First Church Of Cannabis Origins: Minister Of Art

I'm proud to announce that I've been granted the title Minister Of Art for The First Church Of Cannabis. Please refer to the following press links for images of my interior design of the sanctuary and what The Grand Poobah; Bill Levin had to say about our first introduction here...

Additional Coverage From...
NBC News
USA Today 
ABC News
The New York Times
Al Jazeera America
Indy Politics.Org
The Huffington Post
Daily Mail
Indy Star 

The art of John Wayne Gacy & CS Stanley...

I recently exhibited with a collection of works from serial killer John Wayne Gacy at Terra Obscura Magazines exhibition and release of issue number two in Spokane Washington. Thank you to the team at Terra Obscura for all of their hard work.

Three pages in Terra Obscura Magazine Issue #2!

It's been three wonderful days that Craig and I have spent here at comic con and we truly hate to see it go.
Thank you to Charles Nye of the Indy Star for covering us at con and everyone who stopped by the table to show their support.

Rebel Basement @ Indiana Comic Con!

It's been three wonderful days that Craig Roberts and I have spent here at comic con and we truly hate to see it go.
Thank you to Charles Nye of the Indy Star for covering us at con and everyone who stopped by the table to show their support.

Recently featured in the Daily Journal as part of Artville exhibit.

This week it appeared as part of a segment on Fox59 News for Stutz Arts and Indianapolis Ten Point Coalitions exhibition on violence; Cold, Dark, Unsecurity. Show runs the month of February.  Additional Reviews By:
Indianapolis Monthly
Fox News Clip

From Abbey Road to Obey Road...

Currently on show stateside until the end of January at 5547 Project and then off to join The Secret Society of Super Villain Artists British Invasion in Liverpool!

On The Air with Radio Next!

A big thank you to Radio Next and The Jumbo Love Show for the opportunity to plug some upcoming events. I'll be more prepared next time, fellas.  ;)
(clip here...)

Hello again, London!

Props to Frankie Roche and Roche Art for an excellent exhibition of Santa's Grotty Show of the SSOSVA! More at RocheArt.Me &

SSOSVA Miami to Art Basel 2014

Special thanks to Wyn 317 for showing my work this year for Art Basel. I thoroughly enjoyed myself when in town last time to celebrate the first American SSOSVA show; GTA: Miami and look forward to seeing everybody again soon!

ArtDecko's Artists On Board: Chicago

This makes my second ADC showing, the first being Artists On Board: Portland. Seems both exhibitions have been a success. Thank you to the Chicago buyer who purchased my board "The Evolution Of Flight". I look forward to working on the next one. ;)

SSOSVA Presents: Grand Theft Artists: Miami

I had a wonderful time at the beautiful Wynwood Art District and special thanks to Registered Artist and Wyn317 Gallery for hosting us!

Cover of The Southside Times!

Big thanks to Nicole Davis and The Southside Times for coming out and doing the interview!

My first UK exhibition...


Exhibition Runs Dec. 12-24 

Featuring JPS, Stik, My Dog Sighs, a collection of original Andy Warhol prints, and works from the infamous Banksy. 

Stateside Press: cover page story for The SouthSide Times; Beauty In A Spray Can

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