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Tentacle Sculpts

Fountain Square Jesus

Toy Bricks at White River

H.R. Giger inspired Alien

Painting Lips (digital)

Groot With Balloon

Ten Years

Faux Stone Stairwell Install

H.R. Giger inspired Alien Egg

Eye Painting (digital)

Leviathan Mural

Haughville Butterflies

Hydrophobic Butterflies

Rock 985 Lounge Mural

Painting  Kurt Cobain 

Splatter wall 

Live painting at Festi-Party

Indie 3040, Indianapolis, IN

Painted Tear Gas Shell

Haughville Butterflies

Hydrophobic Butterflies

Smile Empty Soul - Rarities guitar

Ad Spot - Cast Resin Toys

Painting the American Bombshell Logo at Delta 9 Tattoo Company

Making Water Droplets

(For bubbles, stop at 13 seconds)

3D Forced Perspective

3D Builds

Live Demo & Street Performance

SSOSVA Grand Theft Artists Miami

Wyn317 Gallery

Wynwood Arts District, Miami, Florida

Stuc Slap In Indy

Seahorse Wall

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