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C.S. Stanley is a multimedia artist based in Indianapolis, Indiana. He works to bridge the gap between popular culture and traditional fine art through his vivid and often surreal works using both spray paint and brush.

His primary media are spray painting and acrylics, and has exhibited in galleries throughout the Midwest as well as overseas. Stanley has a passion for exploring the relationship between human experience and our environment in a clever fashion. He often incorporates word play and parody mixed with pop culture and current events to create a unique perspective to the message he conveys.

Stanley is heavily influenced by urban art, pop art and graffiti culture, and his work often reflects this aesthetic. Additionally, as an advocate for legalization and two-time award winning Cannabis Artist from the Indiana Cannabis Awards for his contributions as Art Director for the First Church Of Cannabis and his work with local CBD and Delta 8 companies on branding and graphic design.

In his spare time, Stanley enjoys spending time with his family, exploring new art mediums, and engaging in creative projects. He is an active member of the Indianapolis art community, and is always striving to create thought-provoking and inspiring works of art.
The First Church Of Cannabis Mural - Indianapolis - Art by CS Stanley

Photo courtesy of Rhonda Baughman / INDIANAPOLIS NUVO

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